Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Second Life is home to a variety of political protests -

Recently the Gaza Attacks have caused an uproar in the metaverse...
IBM employees successfully staged a strike within SL

The history of SL is marked by a variety of protest - famously Jesse's Wall marked the division between warring gamers and creative user's and their visions for the metaverse

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New House, New Property

Creation of our house in second life has begun, as you can see we are still learning.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cyborg embodied MachiNes

There are several consequences to taking seriously the imagery of cyborgs as other than our enemies. Our bodies, ourselves; bodies are maps of power and identity. Cyborgs are no exception. A cyborg body is not innocent; it was not born in a garden; it does not seek unitary identity and so generate antagonistic dualisms without end (or until the world ends); it takes irony for granted. One is too few, and two is only one possibility. Intense pleasure in skill, machine skill, ceases to be a sin, but an aspect of embodiment. The machine is not an it to be animated, worshipped, and dominated. The machine is us, our processes, an aspect of our embodiment. We can be responsible for machines; they do not dominate or threaten us. We are responsible for boundaries; we are they. Up till now (once upon a time), female embodiment seemed to be given, organic, necessary; and female embodiment seemed to mean skill in mothering and its metaphoric extensions. Only by being out of place could we take intense pleasure in machines, and then with excuses that this was organic activity after all, appropriate to females. Cyborgs might consider more seriously the partial, fluid, sometimes aspect of sex and sexual embodiment. Gender might not be global identity after all, even if it has profound historical breadth and depth. [Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature. Routledge, 1991

Within my second life explorations to date, I continue to find myself feeling out of place---I find the more I experience Second Life, the less I believe that woman as cyborg is free to experience the fluidity of gender. I was in Barcelona and discussion around the park seemed to center around sexual relations. In this screen shot you can see a conversation people were having about how men are always initiators of sex. Second Life may allow me to play a man avatar or be a dinosaur, but each "choice" of avatar I designate comes with a set of norms. If one intentionally abandons such norms there will be punishment from other members of the community. As a fat avatar I was made fun of. There are multiple horror stories of targeted gendered harassment, or being harassed because you are a "newbie" and you do not pass for a legitimate second life character.

One character was putting cages around female avatars and demanding money, to read more click here.
The issue that originally made me interested in second life was the rape on second life.
When someone joins Second Life at first and is not computer savvy such issues such as being caged, or raped, or harassed happen. People with a higher cyber literacy level have a huge advantage within Second Life. As I play Second Life I find myself nervous that people will make fun of me. I am highly aware of my status as non-computer expert and as a woman. I think soon I need to create another avatar to see if people respond differently to me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So in making this blog I attempted to return to my previous skin. I am not second life savvy at all yet and this is making my life difficult. While trying to revert to pre-new skin Wander, I put on a fat body suit. A male avatar flew into the reggae location I was at. I told him I was having problems with my adjusting my body, and we made small chat. He said nice ass ha ha ha. I did have a big ass, but seeing as weight can be adjusted with the click of a mouse why does it really matter? Why is it funny? Why can't virtual fatness = virtual phatness.... Perhaps there is some big booty lovers, just have to find them. Or get back to skinny Wander Kips....

New Skin and Reggae Music....

I attended a live reggae dj show on Second Life where I met the dj's wife Ferrah Fall. She was incredibly helpful and lent me a hand on learning the 'steez' of second life. She gave me some hair and new skin. I now don't look quite as much like a newbie. This is the new and improved Wander Kips on the right....................I was even given private parts with my new skin. I had been anxiously awaiting until my Linden $ came through so I could buy myself a gender but this friendly second lifer just gave me some!

Here is our conversation:

[17:08] Ferah Fall: that is some flexi hair, if you want it, wear the bald head underneath it :)

[17:08] Wander Kips: thanks I accidently deleted teh bald head

[17:09] Ferah Fall: ok, just restore it from your trash can :)

[17:10] Ferah Fall: if you find it in the trash, you can right click on it and pick "restore" :)

[17:11] Wander Kips: cool thanks I think I got it figured out now :)

[17:11] Ferah Fall: looks nice on you :)

[17:11] Wander Kips: Yeah its tight I like it alot better

[17:11] Ferah Fall: much better than the SL hair we are born with hehe

[17:11] Wander Kips: hehe

[17:12] Wander Kips: Yeah I'm pretty new at second life

[17:12] Ferah Fall: we all have to start somewhere :)

[17:12] Ferah Fall: I have a better quality skin, if you like? it's a touch darker than what you are wearing, and doesn't have as bright of makeup

[17:13] Wander Kips: Yeah and this place has chill music, sure that would be sweet

[17:13] Ferah Fall: :D

[17:13] Ferah Fall: do you know about the "sploder"?

[17:14] Wander Kips: No

[17:14] Ferah Fall: ok, if you can look up a bit, there is this red glowy ball inside what looks like metal claws

[17:14] Ferah Fall: it's suspended from the ceiling

[17:15] Ferah Fall: if you right click on it and pay the minimum of 10L, you have a chance of winning the big prize

[17:15] Ferah Fall: might be hard to get to, because of the lighting and such

[17:17] Ferah Fall: getting money can be hard in this game at first

[17:17] Wander Kips: Cool yeah I just finally got my pay pal hooked up so I have to wait for a day untill my membership is upbgraded

[17:17] Ferah Fall: sometimes it doesn't even take that long :)

[17:18] Wander Kips: It still isn't showing that I have Linden dollars though and it wont let me add any money to the cash untill tommorow

[17:18] Wander Kips: Do you come here alot?

[17:18] Ferah Fall: a fair amount, the DJ is my husband hehehe :D

[17:19] Ferah Fall: oh, if I may make a suggestion....

[17:19] Ferah Fall: you might want to adjust your head size to approximately sixe "50"

[17:19] Wander Kips: ok how do I do that

[17:19] Ferah Fall: most flexi hair you find is shaped for that size, since it's "average"

[17:19] Ferah Fall: right click on yourself and choose "edit appearance"

[17:20] Ferah Fall: then go to "head"

[17:20] Ferah Fall: and the size of the head is the first option on the top of the list :)

[17:22] Ferah Fall: try to click somewhere on your skin

[17:22] Ferah Fall: because it won't work if you click on your hair or skirt

[17:24] Wander Kips: much better now I don't look like a total weirdo thank you so much

[17:24] Ferah Fall: that is better, now your hair fits lol

[17:24] Ferah Fall: hey no worries

[17:24] Ferah Fall: to be honest, you are doing a ton better than most newbs

[17:25] Ferah Fall: a lot of them are uterrly clueless haha

[17:26] Wander Kips: I'm trying to figure out what to do, its weird how you have to learn a whole new way of being or something. i get nervous people are going to make fun of me :)

[17:26] Ferah Fall: sadly, noobs get "attacked" and ridiculed on sight, it's totally stupid

[17:26] Ferah Fall: but unfortunately, most noobs don't help the stereotype

[17:26] Ferah Fall: you will figure it out, I am confident

[17:27] Ferah Fall: if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

[17:27] Wander Kips: Thanks!

[17:27] Ferah Fall: I remember wandering around half dressed and bumping into everything like an idiot until someone gave me the ropes lol

[17:28] Ferah Fall: how did you find this club?

[17:29] Wander Kips: How long have you been on? There was a list of events on the second life blog

[17:29] Ferah Fall: ahh nice :D

[17:29] Ferah Fall: I've been playing since oct of last year

[17:30] Ferah Fall: I have another hairstyle I just found, one moment

[17:30] Ferah Fall: you might like it better

[17:30] Wander Kips: cool

[17:31] Ferah Fall: a little sexier :)

[17:31] Wander Kips: totally way hotter

[17:31] Ferah Fall: :D

[17:33] Ferah Fall: there are lots of places to find free things in this game also

[17:33] Ferah Fall: freebie areas... where everything is free (but pretty low quality)

[17:34] Ferah Fall: and a lot of shops have lucky chairs... chairs that have a letter of the alphabet on them, and if the letter matches your name, you can sit and win the prize :)

[17:35] Wander Kips: Thats pretty sweet, how does the djing work? is there a digital mixer or ..?

[17:35] Ferah Fall: the free softward is winamp... you just need to buy a radio stream

[17:36] Ferah Fall: there are people that sell them in game, you plug in the info into your streaming software and then plug the streaming address into the parcel settings and you are good to go :)

[17:36] Ferah Fall: that doesn't sound very clear, I know

[17:36] Ferah Fall: lol

[17:37] Wander Kips: I may have to try it out, once I get some money and figure out my steez a little better

[17:37] Ferah Fall: cool :)

[17:37] Ferah Fall: well, if you are getting a premium account, you can own up to 512 square meters without any further charge to your account

[17:39] Wander Kips: Yeah I'm going to get some --- I love the music---

[17:39] Ferah Fall: :D

This is my free mish mosh outfit I
have gathered, a Free Tibet
T-Shirt, And a flowy skirt. I dig the